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Webinar Topics for August 2019

August 15: Get Ready to Write with Lynn Palermo
Writing your family history stories is an overwhelming task.  Many family historians just don’t know where to start. Guest presenter, Lynn Palermo will get you ready to write. Attendees will learn how to organize their research, create a workflow, and discover an environment that will help them develop into efficient and productive writers.  Participants learn what kind of family history they want to write, create the perfect writing environment and develop a workflow to stay organized throughout their writing journey.

August 22: Using Timelines to Solve Problems in Researching Your Canadian Ancestors
Learn how using timelines can help you in researching your Canadian ancestors. We'll be looking at how timelines can help you analyze the information your already have, understand what information you're missing and possibly solve your genealogy problem. Plus we'll be discussing how to use a timeline against Canadian historical events.

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