Saturday, May 24, 2008

All's Not Well In Hoganland

It has been a while since I last posted. We have not been well in Hoganland. The Queen (me) of Hoganland has been battling a fever since Victoria Day, and hence, was not able to delight in some Victoria Sponge after all. The King of Hoganland (hubby) has been sick with a cold this week as well. And you know what babies our kings can be when they are sick.

As for the Heirs of Hoganland, they are well and in fact are benefiting from the illness of their parents. With two sick parents, cooking is not high on the agenda. In fact one young heir was overheard to say "I'm sorry Mom and Dad are sick, but this means we get Tim's!" Yes, we have once again helped the economy of our fair city by visiting numerous times to Tim's* and Mickey D's*.

Tim's = Tim Horton's
Mickey D's = McDonald's

Do not despair, dear friend, as the King and I are slowly on the mend. Well, time for some (cough, cough) tea and tablets!