Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Memories

The Hairdressers

It's Saturday morning, and Edie sits on the chesterfield reading a book and sipping her coffee. She thinks to herself how nice it is to have a little bit of peace and quiet.
Too late, here come the kids. "Whatcha doin' Mom?" asks Kathy.
Edie replies "Reading my book."
David says "Oh."

A few moments pass by. "Do you want something?" asks Edie.
"Nope" reply both children.

A few more moments pass by. Then David asks "Mommy, can we play hairdresser?"
Edie sighs, knowing that the peace and quiet is now long gone. She says "Alright."

Kathy and David go tearing down the hall to the bathroom. The vanity drawer is yanked open, and David grabs the combs and brush. "I'll get the pins and curlers" says Kathy. "Yeah" says David. "Bring them too."

Loaded with their hairdressing equipment, the young children run back into the living room. Kathy inquires "Mommy, can we use water?"
"No, not today" answers Edie. "The last time you two used water, I got a little wet!"

David and Kathy climb onto the back of the chesterfield. Edie sits on the middle cushion. She is very patient as her son combs her hair on the left side. Her daughter starts brushing on the right side. "Ow!" says Edie. "Not so hard."
"Oops! Sorry, Mommy" says Kathy.
David decides he wants to put some curlers in his mother's hair. "I want to make you look pretty" he says.
"Thanks" replies Edie. David grabs a handful of hair and tries to wind it around one of the porcupine looking curlers. It doesn'twork. He decides to try again. He pulls harder on Edie's hair. "Oow!" Edie gives a little shriek. "David, not so hard please."
"Okay. Sorry, Mommy."

In the meantime Kathy has decided that her mommy needs some bobby pins to hold the new 'do she has created. She jabs a bobby pin into her mother's scalp. "OWW!" yelps Edie. "Kathy, please be careful."

A few more minutes of creative hairdressing go by. David decides he wants to use some bobby pins, too. Kathy grabs the comb and yanks back on her mother's bangs. Edie tries to be patient as her 4 year old son and 6 year old daughter make her look '"pretty". However, her scalp is stinging. Time to call it quits.
"Are you done yet?" she asks.
"Almost" says David.
"Almost" says Kathy.
"Hurry up" requests Edie.

"Okay, I'm done" says Kathy.
"Me, too" chimes David.

Edie reaches for the mirror on the coffee table. She holds it up and admires her new hair do. There is a curler dangling by a few hairs over her left ear. Bobby pins are sticking out on the right side of her head. Her bangs have been brushed straight back off of her face and pinned down with more bobby pins. "Oh," she says, "this looks lovely!"
Her children beam from ear to ear. They are proud of their work and think their mommy looks pretty.

This was written in memory of my mom, Edie Carlisle Michon who passed away on this day, three years ago. Thanks, Mom for being such a patient customer!