Friday, October 10, 2008

Fun Friday - Would You Care to Comment?

I have a challenge for you for this edition of Fun Friday. Spend some time this week-end reading blogs. First start with your favourite blogs, and then, branch out and read some new blogs.

The challenge is to leave a personal comment on at least ten of the blogs you read.

Why should you care to comment? Networking and community. Commenting lets you make connections with the authors of the blogs you read. In turn, you can invite that author to read your blog, thus expanding your readership and community. By reading and commenting on genea-blogger blogs, you help to expand our genea-blogger community. Not only that, commenting is fun. I try to comment on at least one blog per day.

As an author of a blog, isn't exciting to receive comments? Comments provide blog authors validation and recognition of their work. When someone leaves a comment on your blog, do you respond back to them? I like to let the person know how much I appreciate them leaving a comment. Here are some comments you can use when either visiting a blog or responding to a comment.

Thanks for sharing.
Glad you dropped by.
Great post/comment.
I enjoy reading your blog. I enjoyed reading your comments.

To start you off with your challenge of commenting on ten blogs, I invite you to leave me a comment.

Have a Fun Friday!