Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Worthwhile Wednesday - My Favourite Tree

No more wordless Wednesdays for me. Those who know me, know I usually have something to say. And although I started out following other bloggers, now that I have found my own groove, I'm branching out. I do like the idea of posting a photo on Wednesdays. However, I can't just post it and not tell you about it. I'm feeling it's worthwhile to share it all at once, hence the name Worthwhile Wednesday.

My Favourite Maple Tree. Digital photograph. Privately held by Kathryn Lake Hogan UE, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Windsor, Ontario. 2008.

Every autumn, I wait in anticipation of the leaves turning colour on this maple tree. I drive pass it every weekday, twice a day, when I take my kids to school. Sometimes, I drive pass it three or four times in a day. It is my favourite tree. I look forward to the crisp, frosty mornings of autumn knowing that that type of weather will produce the best colour on this tree.

Sure enough, this year we had great leaf changing weather. The leaves on this maple turn a fiery red, making it truly ablaze with colour. Unfortunatley, photography just doesn't do this tree justice as the lens is not able to capture the all glorious shades of red that the eye can detect.

Every morning, as I drive by, I can't help but smile, and say "Thanks, God for your beautiful artwork."