Friday, December 12, 2008

Genea-Santa, Don't You Say A Word

Genea, Ol' Saint Nicholas,
Lean your ear this way,
Don't you tell a single soul
What I'm going to say.

Christmas Eve is coming soon,
Now you dear old man.
Whisper what you'll bring to me,
Tell me if you can.

Oh, Genea-Santa, I have just Three Wishes this Christmas. And I have been a good girl, really.

1) The Ryckman family Bible.

2) Photograph of my 3rd great grandmother, Maria (Cope) Kettledon and her daughter, Emma(Kettledon) Whitehouse (my 2nd great grandmother).

3) An all expenses paid trip to Wales to see Grandpa George's house, Sea View Cottage.

Thank you Genea-Santa.


Posted for the 62nd Edition, Carnival of Genealogy.