Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Out With Old...

all of our material life by justin.

LOOKING4ANCESTORS is moving! Today!

This is the last post of LOOKING4ANCESTORS using Blogger.

Why the move?
Having a blog site is a bit like having a home. When you buy your first starter home, you are happy with it, until one day, you realize that your needs are outgrowing your house. Blogging can be the same way. I started blogging here using Blogger and I was initially quite happy. But then, my needs started changing, and I found they were outgrowing the capabilities of Blogger. For some unexplained reason, I am unable to upload my custom header. I cannot add pages here. I wanted some place where I could combine blogging with a professional website. I needed something I could work with.

Did I leave a forwarding address?
Of course! I realize it is a risk to move my blog, especially when I look at the number of people who follow me here, and the number of people who subscribe to my blog. It's a risk I'm willing to take. I'm sure I will lose a few readers, but I hope to gain a few as well. Also, I hope to gain a few more genea-blogger buddies and grow our community.

You can now find me at:

Photo credit, all of our material life