Monday, December 22, 2008

What Happened January 21st?

Over at Genea-Musings, Randy Seaver's latest edition of Saturday Night Fun is a history edition. And although it is Monday, I'm game to play along.

Randy wants to know:

1)What day of the week were you born? How did you find out?
I was born on a Saturday. I'm pretty sure my mom told me. It just seems to me that I've always known that I was born on a Sautday.

2) What has happened in recorded history on your birth date (day and month)? Tell us how you found out, and list five events.
Events that happened on January 21 in recorded history according to information found at Wikipedia and This Day in History:

1189 - Philip II of France and Richard I (also known as Richard the Lionheart) of England begin to assemble troops to wage the Third Crusade.

1793 - After being found guilty of treason by the French Convention, Louis XVI of France was executed by the guillotine.

1861 - American Civil War: Jefferson Davis resigns from the United States Senate.

1948 - The Flag of Quebec is adopted and flown for the first time, over the National Assembly of Quebec. The day is marked annually as Quebec Flag Day.

2002 - The Canadian Dollar sets all-time low against the US Dollar (US$0.6179).