Friday, January 30, 2009

Fun Friday - Canadian Confections

Canadian Confections, 2009. Digital Photograph. Privately held by Kathryn Lake Hogan UE, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Windsor, Ontario. 2009.

"Do you eat the red ones last?"

"Have you felt the bubbles melt?"

"How do you like your coffee?"


When I had chosen the topic "Around the Kitchen Table" for the 3rd edition of the Canadian Genealogy Carnival I was thinking of people posting about their favourite Canadian dishes or recipes. However, a few weeks ago, I posted on facebook that I was eating Smarties® and I hoped they worked. Someone left me a comment asking "What are Smarties®?"

This got me thinking about some of my favourite candies that are available here in Canada but not in the USA. So, in the interest of research, I went to the store today and purchased some Canadian confections, and of course, sampled them. I want to give you, dear reader, an honest report. Smarties® are similar to M&M's. They are colourful, candy coated chocolates . As kids, my brother and I used to think that when you ate them you would be smarter. Smarties® are still popular with children. And, grown-ups still like them too. "When you eat your Smarties®, do you eat the red ones last?"

Big Turk® is a chocolate covered jelly. I think these are supposed to be like a chocolate covered Turkish delight. I didn't like this. I find them to be much too sweet.

Coffee Crisp® is a coffee flavoured cream and wafer chocolate bar. These were my mom's favourite. When she moved to the USA, she would ask me to bring her some Coffee Crisp® bars when I came to visit. Although they have been available in the USA since 2006, they are very hard to find there.



Aero® chocolate bars have bubbles of air in them. Take a look at the photo at the beginning of the post. You can see the bubbles. It is a neat sensation to eat a piece of Aero® bar and let it melt in your mouth. You can feel the bubbles. "Have you felt the bubbles melt?"



Neilson Jersey Milk® is solid bar of rich, creamy milk chocolate. Does anyone remember the Neilson peppermint patties called PEP®? Oh, these are so good.

A few other Canadian favourites are Macintosh Toffee®, Mars® bar (not sold in the USA since 2000), and Oh Henry!®


You can find more information about all of these Canadian candies on the Internet.

Want to order some of these delicious Canadian candies? Here are a few links to online candy stores:


Posted for the 3rd Edition of the Canadian Genealogy Carnival.



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