Saturday, April 18, 2009

4th Edition Canadian Genealogy Carnival

"Do you have a blacksheep ancestor in your family tree? Maybe one of your ancestors was a rogue, a scoundrel, a cad or just someone who done Grandma wrong... Did great-grandma spend time in prison? Was Grandpa a bigamist? Did Great-Uncle Harry try to set fire to his neighbour's house? Most of us have one or two rebellious ancestors who didn't quite fit the mold. Even if you haven't got a blacksheep Canadian ancestor, tell us about any blacksheep Canadian.

The 4th Edition of the Canadian Genealogy Carnival has been posted at Olive Tree Genealogy. Our host for this edition is Lorine McGinnis Schulze. Thanks Lorine for hosting this edition. You did a great job.

Be sure to check out the secrets of these infamous Canadian ancestors. It makes for some very interesting reading. You can find my entry here at The Lone Axe Murderess.


The next edition of the CGC is all about favourite Canadian vacations. Where did your ancestors like to spend their summer holidays? Did your family enjoy a favourite beach or cottage? Or did your family travel from sea to shining sea? Photographs of these holiday places is encouraged. Use the convenient submission form. Deadline for submissions is July 12, 2009. The carnival will be posted on July 15, 2009.

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