Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Answers to Chapter 8 of Mastering Genealogical Proof

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Here are my answers for the Chapter 8 exercises of Mastering Genealogical Proof by Dr. Thomas Jones.

1. Marshall, Sharon. Reflections of Our Ryckman Past, Volume 1: Niagara. Port Stanley, Ontario: m & s Marshall Productions, 2002, p. 5.  This the first volume of a three volume set of the Ryckman family.

a) No research question is asked. On page 5, a statement about the individual's date of birth, names of his parents and, his marriage to his wife is provided as follows:
Johannes Ryckman, born in 1730, son of Johannes Ryckman & Maria Van Slyke, married Eunice Ward (also listed as Juna Waart) on May 30, 1754, in New York City, New York.

Research questions that could be asked based on this statement:
When and where was Johannes Ryckman born?
Who were Johannes Ryckman's parents?
Who was Johannes Ryckman's wife? Where were they married?

b) No source citations are provided.

c) No. The only source provided was a transcription of the Upper Canada Land Petition of Eunis Ryckman, as the wife of Johannes Ryckman. No source citation provided.

Johannes Ryckman is my 7th great-grandfather. Unfortunately, this book does not meet the GPS standard. While it does contain some useful information, it lacks evidence and source citations to support the relationships claimed.

2. "Albert Janse Ryckman," Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia [ : accessed 31 Aug 2012].

a) No clear research question is asked. The section about Albert's personal life states his year of birth, the name of his parents, the name of his wife with an approximate date of marriage, and that he had twelve children. Also, he purchased land through the payment of beaverskins.

b) No. The source citation is a link to Olive Tree Genealogy website with information about the Ryckman family.

c) through k) The information on Wikipedia about Albert Janse Ryckman does not meet the requirements of the Genealogical Proof Standard.

3. Miller, Phyllis J. "Captain William Bond: An Elusive Connection Made," The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. New York: The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, Vol. 140, No. 1, Jannuary 2009, pp. 5-11.

a). Yes.
Were Captain William Bond of Ulster County, Captain William Bond of New York City, Captain William Bond of the Hudson's Bay Company, and William Bond of Deptford, England, the same man?

b) Yes.

c) Yes. A variety of records were researched including land surveys, colonial patents, land papers, deeds, town records, council minutes, assessment rolls, court records, inventories, church records, a variety of books and society publications, and Hudson's Bay Company records.

d) Yes. A variety of primary and secondary sources were used.

e) No error-prone sources identified.

f) Yes, a thorough analysis of the supporting sources is shown throughout the text of the article as well as the footnotes.

g) Yes. The identity of each man named William Bond was thoroughly examined and documented.

h) The writer presented the correlations of evidence in matching the identities of William Bond in both a narrative and list format.

i) Yes. The writer found evidence to link the various identities of William Bond as being the same person.

j) This is questionable. The writer leads the reader through one identity at a time and then proceeds to match the identities, and clearly states the evidence. By progressing through the four identities and the matches, the reader is lead to the conclusion that all four men called William Bond are the same person. However, the article is missing a concluding paragraph that should sum up the evidence and clearly state the conclusion.

k) Yes, but not in the manner one would expect. Again, as the reader progresses through the matches, the author explains her reasoning for reaching her conclusions.

4) I wrote a proof argument determining the father of Harman Ryckman, my 3rd great-grandfather.

a) No, I did not write a clear research question. The purpose of the proof argument was to determine who was Harman Ryckman's father.

b)  Yes,  the sources I researched provided evidence to determine the identity of Harman's father.

c) No. Other sources need to be researched.

d) Yes.

e) Not sure.

f) Yes, the supporting sources were analyzed.

g) Yes, I based my conclusion by correlating the evidence I found from the relevant sources.

h) I presented the information in a narrative format. However, I'm uncertain if the reader can clearly ascertain the conclusion in this format.

i) I'm not sure if all the conflicts with evidence have been convincingly resolved. More sources need to be researched.

j) Yes.

k) No.

Using these eleven questions to examine my research has made me realize I have more work to do with researching the identity of Harman Ryckman's father.

Copyright by Kathryn Lake Hogan, 2013.