Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Review of GenBiz Solutions™: Creating a Marketing Plan

GenBiz Solutions - Creating a Marketing Plan by Sharon Atkins

Do you need a marketing plan for your genealogy business? Is it time for you to revamp your marketing plan? This four-page guide deals with marketing plans and strategies for genealogy professionals. Atkins has broken the concept of developing a marketing plan into manageable chunks. Starting with the basics of marketing, Sharon then moves onto how to create a marketing plan based on your business goals. The guide includes thought-provoking questions to direct you in creating your marketing plan. Also included are strategies for determining your core market, defining the demographics of your core market and developing your core communication. Finally, Atkins provides direction for establishing your marketing budget, and measuring your success.

What did I personally think of this GenBiz Solutions guide? I liked it. Atkins does a good job of explaining marketing concepts to the non-marketing professional, like me. Remember, I'm a genealogist  not a market analyst. She includes great questions that guide you in developing your own marketing strategy. After reading this guide, I'm ready to sit down and redesign my marketing plan for my genealogy business.

Here is where you can get a copy for yourself: http://genbiz.solutions

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free copy of GenBiz Solutions- Creating a Marketing Plan by Sharon Atkins to review.

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