Thursday, October 23, 2014

New Legacy QuickGuide™: Researching Child Migrants and British Home Children

Library and Archives Canada: British immigrant children from Dr. Barnardo's Homes at landing stage, Saint John, N.B.

My newest Legacy QuickGuide™has been released: Researching Child Migrants and British Home Children.

Do you have an ancestor or relative who didn't speak much about their childhood? Didn't know who their parents were? Or, where they came from? It's possible your ancestor or relative was a Child Migrant or British Home Child.

British Home Children were children sent mainly to Canada by organizations in England, Ireland and Scotland. Many of these children were orphaned, however there were quite a few who had been placed in homes by parents or grandparents facing bleak economic conditions. Once in the care of these homes, many parents and families never saw these children again.
Child Migrants were children sent to Australia and New Zealand to work in farm or industrial schools. Just like the British Home Children, most Child Migrants never saw their families in the UK again.

The Legacy QuickGuide™ Researching Child Migrants and British Home Children offers the researcher a timeline of important dates, practical research strategies, and links to databases and websites to help with finding more about your British Home Child or Child Migrant.

Copyright by Kathryn Lake Hogan, 2014.