Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A New Look for Ancestry.ca

If you haven't visited Ancestry.ca in a while or even since yesterday, take a look. Ancestry.ca has released its new updated view on their Canadian website.

This is the message from Ancestry.ca I received in my inbox today: It’s here. We’ve made some big changes that can completely transform the way you discover and tell your family story. From narrative timelines and fascinating historical insights to a fresh, streamlined design, you’ll love how the new site can help you weave together richer stories that bring you closer to knowing your ancestor as a person. It’s your family story, reinvented. And with one click, you can experience it right now.

When you log into Ancestry.ca, you should be able to switch over to the new site by clicking on the link. Be forewarned that you won't be able to switch back to the old site.

I've been using the new view on Ancestry.com for a while and I really like it. Glad to see Ancestry.ca is caught up.

Copyright by Kathryn Lake Hogan, 2015.