Tuesday, March 21, 2017

New Pier 21 Exhibit Celebrates 150 Years of Canada Accepting New Immigrants

A new exhibit at Pier 21 celebrating 150 years of Canada accepting new immigrants opened this past weekend in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Canada: Day 1 takes a look at the first impression experiences of those arriving in Canada - their 'first day in Canada' stories - what they felt, what they saw upon their arrival in a new land. How did their experience on that first day influence their journey to becoming Canadian?

The exhibit explores 150 years of experiences from Confederation, when immigrants arrived in ships, to present day, with the arrival of Syrian refugees by jet.

The exhibit runs from now until November 12, 2017.

For more details see the article in The Chronicle Herald.

Want to visit the exhibit? Visit the Pier 21 website to get all the info.

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