Tuesday, March 24, 2020

I Help You, You Help Me

Greetings! I'm Kathryn Lake Hogan of Looking4Ancestors.

All of us are going through some hard times right now, having to stay at home and sometimes we find it a little bit boring.
Perhaps some of you are taking advantage of having this time to do more genealogy research or watch a lot more genealogy webinars.
Some of our societies are finding it necessary to cancel their monthly meetings, and maybe they don't know about the technology that's out there that may be able to help them with planning a webinar.

This is what I'm suggesting, and I'm calling it I Help You, You Help Me. This is what I'm suggesting.

I'm happy to fill in for your monthly speaker any time between now and Augustof this year. August 2020.I'll be happy to do a webinar for you and your society. I have my own webinar subscription which allows me to schedule and control the webinars. I can schedule them any time you want that is convenient for you and your society.
I am willing to do this for free. Free.

Now, in return, this is where you help me. You schedule me as a paid speaker for 2021, and so, this helps you with your programming, and this helps me. I help you out in the short-term, and then you help me out in the long-term.
Sound like a good deal?

You can find all of my webinar topics on my website looking4ancestors.com

I specialize in Canadian research. If there's a topic that is not listed there that you're interested in, then please email me, let me know and we can work something out. Let's help each other to get through these difficult times.

Stay safe, stay home and watch a webinar.

Until next time, have fun Looking4Ancestors.

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