Wednesday, December 30, 2020

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We are in the midst of another 28-day COVID-19 lockdown. It's raining and gray outside. It's so gloomy I had to turn the light back on in the living room this morning so I could see. Talk about bleak mid-winter and we're not even mid-winter yet!

This is why I wanted to have a New Year's Eve Research-a-thon. 


New Year's Eve Research-a-thon

This is different than our regular webinars. You can register for some or all of the research-a-thon sessions.
The research-a-thon will be in four parts starting at 12:00 noon ET | 9:00 am PT. The research-a-thon ends 12 hours later.  Each session will be shorter than our regular webinars. We will be focusing on fun and family history. It's a great way to spend New Year's Eve Day.

Part 1 starts us off with making research plans for the year ahead.
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In Part 2 we'll update our research progress and talk about ways to keep track of our research.
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Part 3 we update our research progress.
Also, Christine Woodcock will be sharing about the New Year's Eve tradition of Hogmanay.
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Part 4 we celebrate our research accomplishments, share some New Year's Eve traditions thought to bring good luck for the forthcoming year, and of course, ring in the New Year with a toast!
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**double-check the date and correct time for your time zone upon registration**

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