Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Ready to Challenge Your Ontario Family History Research Skills?

This week kicks off the 2023 WikiTree Challenge the Year of Community Connections. For this challenge, WikiTree has partnered with another group in the worldwide genealogy community, in this case, Ontario Ancestors - The Ontario Genealogical Society. Help connect 7X7  - seven individuals out to seven degrees.

The objective is for volunteers to research seven degrees of connections for seven people chosen by the partner organization. A diverse group of seven people from across Ontario has been chosen to be researched.

Barbara McCallum Hanley was the first female mayor in Canada.

Fanny "Bobbie" Rosenfeld was a track and field athlete who competed for Canada in the 1928 Oylmpics. In 1949, she was inducted into the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame. 

Beatrice Agnes Thelma Earl Tillman, Black Canadian from Grey County.  Click the link and scroll to the bottom of the webpage to find the link to Beatrice.

Alton C. Parker was a Black Canadian in Essex County; he was the first Black detective in Canada.

Elsie May Taylor Knott was the first woman to be elected as Chief of a First Nation in Canada.

Sam Ching, the first Chinese resident of Toronto.

Edwin Alzono "John" Boyd was an infamous criminal in the 1940s and 1950s.

Volunteer researchers will need to be a registered WikiTree user, and everyone is welcome to participate.

Registration for 2023 WikiTree Challenge is open at WikiTree: 2023 WikiTree Challenge 1: Register now to help connect 7x7 for Ontario Ancestors - WikiTree G2G


Once registered you'll receive information to join the WikiTree Zoom chats and the YouTube Live Events.

Our week begins Thursday, January 5 at 8:00 PM ET with a Live Chat with WikiTree and I'll be there as a representative of Ontario Ancestors. 

Updated January 5, 2023.

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