Friday, May 5, 2023

Starting Out or Starting Over 2023

Whether you're starting your family tree, trying to salvage it, or scrapping it and starting again, this 6-Day Bootcamp will get you on the right track. 

Join professional genealogist, Kathryn Lake Hogan, to start your family tree or start over again. Learn the correct methodology of doing genealogical research so that your family history will be something to be proud of and you'll want to share it with others.

When: Friday, May 12 & Monday - Friday, May 15-19, 2023
Time: 12:00 Noon EDT | 9:00 am PDT | UTC -5

Cost: FREE

Starting Out or Starting Over 6 Day Family History Bootcamp

Day 1 - Plan It
What is genealogy?
What is a good genealogist?
Why do you want to trace your ancestors?
What you need to decide before you begin your family tree ?

Day 2 - Frame It
Beginning the research stage.
Who do I start with?
Which line of my family should I trace?
What are the Five Main Sources of Genealogical Information?
Learn how to deal with Living People in my family tree.
What do I need to know about using Public Family Trees for research?

Day 3 - Build It
Discover how using census records and civil registration records can fill in your tree.
What are source citations? Why do I need them?
Learn the keys to writing good source citations that don't take all day.

Day 4 - Prove It
Discover how to link each generation of your ancestors.
What is a Genealogical Proof Argument?
Learn how to determine the reliability of a source.
What other resources are available to fill in your family tree?
Explore strategies for when you get stuck in your research.

Day 5 - Connect It
Today we're discussing how and why you might want to share and connect your tree with others. 
We'll be exploring DNA testing and how it can help you connect with cousins. 
What are the different types of DNA tests available?
What can DNA tests do to help you in your family history research?

Day 6 - Wrapping It Up
This is the wrap up session of the 6-Day Bootcamp. 
We'll review what was covered  Days 1 to 5, and look at some ways to keep your research going.
Q&A Session

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