Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dig My Canadian Roots

My Canadian roots run deep. I am proud to say my family has been here a long time. How did we get here? Here is a brief overview:

My Paternal Line
The Lake line of my family arrived in Canada on 26 May 1926, with the arrival of my great-grandfather, Herbert Lake and six of his children. He was followed two months later by his wife, Fanny (Crawford), and two more of their children, including my grandfather. After a brief stay in Toronto, the family settled in London, Ontario. More information about my Lake family can be found on my website, Lake Family of Lincolnshire.

My Ryckman family has been on Canadian soil since the end of the American Revolutionary War, when my ancestor John Ryckman came to Upper Canada and settled in Barton Township, Gore District, Upper Canada. His wife, Juna Waart (Eunice Ward) likely came to Upper Canada before her husband, John. More about John can be found here.

John and Juna's son, Albert, also came to Upper Canada. He received a land grant as a son of an United Empire Loyalist. He lived a good part of his life in Barton Township, but settled on Lot 4, Broken Front Concession C, in London Township in the early 1820's. He died in April 1850, and is buried in the Gore/Trafalger Cemetery in London.
Albert Ryckman's first wife was Hannah Van Etten, daughter of Jacobus Van Etten and Annatje Pangburn. She was in Upper Canada by 1794 when her first son was born. Hannah died 20 March 1821.

Albert and Hannah's son William was married to Kearce Elizabeth Wirik. I know nothing about the Wirick line.
Their son, Harmon, was married to Icavilla Simons. She was the daughter of Johnathon Simons and Margaret Miller. Johnathan Simons came to Upper Canada sometime before 1851, and settled in Charlotteville Township, Norfolk County. I don't know when Miller line came to Canada.
Harmon & Icavilla's son,William Eugene Ryckman was married to Elizabeth Saphronia Rayson, daughter of Thomas & Joanna Rayson. Elizabeth was born 4 July 1850 in Niagara Falls. Thomas (possible name, Justice) may have been Scottish. More research is needed on this line of the family.

Edward Irwin arrived in Canada before 1850. He was originally from Ireland. Since I don't know where in Ireland he was from I don't have much information about him. He married Margaret Anne Tisdale after his arrival in Canada. Anne came to Canada possibly with her parents. Much more research needs to be done on her line. Once married, Edward and Anne settled in London Township, Upper Canada. He was known for his terrible temper and she for her kindness in helping new families get settled.

Andrew Benjamin Audes Gardiner, son of Thomas Gardener & Mary Audes, was born 30 November 1817 Whitby, Yorkshire, England. He was a tailor, rumored to be in service to Queen Victoria. Andrew's wife was Sarah Sylvia Sleightholm, daughter of John Sleightholm and Jane Readman. Andrew and Sarah came to Elginfield, Biddulph Township, Upper Canada before 1850. He was Elginfield's only tailor.

My Maternal Line
Joseph Brinley George arrived in Canada on 19 August 1923. He was from Wales. The first part of his life is documented here. More details about Brin will be in future posts.

Robert Bailey Evans and his wife, Edith Whitehouse and their daughters, Edie and Dorothy May arrived in Canada 25 May 1905. First they settled in Acton, Ontario. Then, they moved to Toronto about 1915.

Each one of my above mentioned ancestors deserves a post of their own in order to tell their story properly. So, with that in mind, you know my blogging roots are sinking deep, and LOOKING4ANCESTORS will be here for a long time yet.

This post was written for the 1st Edition of the Canadian Genealogy Carnival.