Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Obituaries On-line

Often, when I hear the news about someone I am acquainted with passing away, it is usually days after the fact. Sometimes, it can be weeks or even months. What if there was some way you could be alerted by email, when a family member, friend, asssociate, or acquaintance passed away?

I was just reading a post at AriWriter called Why I Want Emailed Obituaries. Ari shares information about a new website called Tributes.com. Tributes.com is an online obituary resource that launched yesterday. Legacy.com has an on-line obituary finding service called ObitMessenger which has been available for a while. Tribute.com offers a variety of subsciption services, including a basic one which is free. ObitMessenger offers only paid subscriptions. The obituaries offered on both of these sites are US based only.

I was curious, so I visited Tributes.com. I performed a search to see if my mom was listed. Sure enough she was. I didn't have to register for the site in order to perform the search. However, to add more to what is listed, which was limited, you do have to register. Once I did register, I was able to set me alerts and I can add obituary information about my mom for free.

It looks like Tributes.com could be a valuable resource to add to the family history toolbox.