Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Memories - "Dad, Can I Have a Quarter For Some Candy?"

"Do you want to go to the store?" asks Kathy to her little brother.
"Okay" replies David.
Kathy earnestly says to her brother, "You go ask Dad."
"No, you go ask", he replies.
"Yeah, but he's sleeping. He might get mad if we wake him".
"Maybe if you ask real nice, he won't get too mad," suggests David.
"Fine, I'll go," says Kathy.

Up the stairs she goes to the living room. Dad is having a nap on the couch.
"Dad?" Kathy asks tentatively. "Can we go to the store?"
"Hmmm...", Dad grumbles.
"Can we go to the store?" Kathy repeats.
Dad replies sleepily "Yeah, I guess so." Dad turns over on the couch.

Kathy runs back down the stairs.
"Dad said we can to to store", she tells David.
"Did he give you any money?" he asks.
"No," she says. "I'll go ask him."

Back up the stairs, Kathy tentatively approaches her father once again.
She says "Dad? Can I have a quarter? David needs one too."
"Why do you want a quarter?" their dad asks grumpily.
"You said we could go to the store. To get some candy. Remember?
"Humph" says Dad, as he rolls over, reaches into his pocket and digs out two quarters.
"Don't spend in all in one place", Dad jokes.
"Thanks," says Kathy.
She hollers to her brother "Let's go!"

Our favourite place to go for candy was Mac's Milk convenience store. Once we got our quarters from Dad, David and I would walk to the store, discussing our prospective choices.

Here is a list of my favourite candies I enjoyed as a child:
Pop Rocks
Bottle Caps
Lik'm Aid Fun Dip - I called it "Lick'em Sticks"
Gum - Chiclets, Gold Mine (the little yellow nuggets that came in a drawstring sack), Bazooka, Bubble Yum, Bubblicious and Hubba Bubba - which did not stick to my braces!
York Peppermint Patties
Popeye Candy Cigarettes
Candy Charm Bracelets
Tic Tacs Original
and Fanta Orange pop. I know it's not candy, but it was the best orange pop. It came in a glass bottle, with a cap that had to be pried off with a bottle opener.

Two candies that were only available in Canada and possibly still are that my parents enjoyed were McIntosh's Toffee (Dad) and Coffee Crisp chocolate bars (Mom). And my dad really liked Wrigley's Big Red gum. I sort of liked it, but it was hot on the tongue!

What candies did you enjoy as a child? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Thanks, Thomas for the idea.