Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Canadian Genealogy Carnival - 2nd Edition

The topic for this edition of the CGC is "My Famous Canadian Ancestor". Was your ancestor a famous Canadian hockey player, actor or politician? Tell us about famous Canadians in your family. Don't have a famous Canadian ancestor in your family tree? Not to worry; choose a famous Canadian you admire and share why you would like to have this person as your ancestor.

You are in for a treat. The genea-bloggers who participated in this edition have some interesting famous Canadians in their families - a Loyalist, a World War I flying ace, a tight rope walker, circus performers, a politician, an astronaut, a doctor and a fur trader/explorer.

Starting us off is John Newmark of TransylvanianDutch . John says "I am as proud as any American can be of their United Empire Loyalist heritage." You can read why John is so proud of his famous ancestor at Canadian Ancestry.

Janet Iles of Janet the Researcher shares her research and story of Billy Bishop. Find out why Janet's ancestor is a real Canadian hero at My most famous Canadian relative.

Lorine at Olive Tree Genealogy has not just one, but three, famous Canadians in her family tree. You can read all about them at
My Famous Canadian Ancestor
My Famous Canadian Ancestor in the Circus
My Famous Canadian Ancestor Eileen Vollick, first licenced female pilot in Canada.

Brenda Dougall Merriman says "I hope Kathryn doesn’t mind if I mention the one who isn’t ... isn’t my ancestor. He’s famous, but I assert he’s not mine". Discover who this famous Canadian is at My Famous Canadian Ancestor (Not) .

M. Diane Rogers of CanadaGenealogy, or 'Jane's Your Aunt' has no famous Canadian relatives. Nonetheless, she has a family connection to Isabelle McTavish - Canadian Missionary Doctor - 1881 - 1953. A great story about a great Canadian woman.

Brian at Ancestors At Rest has a very cool claim to fame. You can check it out at My Famous Canadian Ancestor, the first Canadian to walk in space.

Over at Genea-Musings, Randy Seaver's ancestor Jacob Sovereign (1759-1845), Pioneer Canadian Tavern Keeper was quite well known in Norfolk county in his day.

I had to do some searching in order to find a famous Canadian in my family tree. I didn't think it would look too good to have posted this topic on famous Canadians, and not have one myself. Well, it turns out that My Famous Canadian Knew Sir John A. MacDonald, the first Prime Minister of Canada. It also turns out that my famous Canadian is related to Lorine of Olive Tree Genealogy as well.

Thanks to the genea-bloggers who participated in this edition. I hope you enjoyed learning about some famous Canadians who gave our participants some bragging rights!

And now it's time for a call for submissions. The topic for the 3rd Edition of the Canadian Genealogy Carnival is "Around the Kitchen Table". Does your family have a favourite Canadian recipe? Or perhaps you have the recipe to your Canadian ancestor's favourite dish. Maybe you just like Canadian Maple syrup. Share with us your favourite Canadian recipe and/or food.
Deadline is February 8, 2009. Please send your submissions to