Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Famous Canadian Knew Sir John A. MacDonald

Well, that may be stretching the truth a bit. However, Samuel Shobat Ryckman, my 2nd cousin, 5 times removed did serve as a Member of the 7th Parliament under the Conservative majority of Sir John A. MacDonald. This Parliament was in session from April 29, 1891 to April 24, 1896. During that time, five different people served as Prime Minister. This was the second longest parliament held in Canadian history. More details can be found at 7th Canadian Parliament on

Samuel Shobat Ryckman's grandfather, Samuel Ryckman and my 5th great-grandfather, Albert Ryckman were brothers. Samuel Shobat Ryckman was born January 4, 1849 at Ryckman's Corners, Barton Township, Canada West. He was the second child of George Marlatt Ryckman and Premilla Fink. He was married to Sarah Jane Thornton on February 14, 1867.

In the 1881 Canada Census, he is enumerated as Samuel Richman with his wife Sarah, their children George M., Irene V., Jane, and Samuels' mother, Permilla. Samuel's occupation is recorded as Land Agent.
The 1891 Canada Census list Samuel as a gentleman, although by this time he was serving as a member of the House of Commons.

Samuel died in Freeport, New York on August 16, 1929. A search on found his obituary as follows:

I had wanted to find an ancestor who met the criteria for this edition of the Canadian Genealogy Carnvial. I didn't know if I had any famous Canadian ancestors or relatives. However, a Google search for "ryckman" found Samuel Shobel Ryckman. I'm certainly glad I found him.

Written for the 2nd Edition of the Canadian Genealogy Carnival. Sources provided upon request.